Zoysia grass prefers soil pH between 5.8 and 7.0.2 Your soil test will also confirm whether your lawn needs lime or other soil amendments to restore pH balance and optimize nutrient availability. Zoysia is certainly a hardy grass but many claims about its ability to resist disease and insects are dangerously exaggerated. Louisiana During short drought episodes, the grass remains green. Pennsylvania This situation would possibly not make for a full Zoysia lawn and may in fact result in a lawn that has mixed species for years before the Zoysia may overtake existing Zoysia grass seed varieties are part of the Japonica grass family which are known for less plant density, interseeding ability and cold tolerance. Zoysia prefers full sun, but it tolerates light shade — unlike Bermudagrass and other sun-loving, warm-season grasses. | Diseases per 1000 sq. In southern areas the temptation to overseed dormant zoysia with rye so as to have a green lawn year-round is surely quite high. Alaska Waiting so long for a desirable lawn can be agonizing for some homeowners. To do this, spray any grass or weeds that are growing with a non-selective herbicide like glyphosate. I put it down 4 years ago and is spreading where did not put in sod and in flower bed great It does turn in winter here in north Florida. PHONE ORDERS: Zoysia Grass Seed + Mulch Thrives in heat, drought, par... View full details $44.95 Quick shop Add to cart Sold out $74.95 Zoysia Grass Seed Zenith - 2 Lbs. Accounting Questions, Lawns: Soil is the key to unlock a beautiful lawn. Zoysia Grass Seed or Zoysia Grass Plugs, both available at Seedland.com. These small (typically 2″ x 2″ or 3″ x 3″ blocks of soil with established Zoysia grass) sod plugs can be planted in bare spots in your yard the same way you’d plant any perennial or annual. Got questions? Zoysia has a grayish green color that is darker than centipede, but less blue-green than St. Augustine or bahiagrass and less true green than bermuda. As mentioned above, weeds should be kept out during the establishment period. feet. Planting Zoysia Seed Seed should only be planted once temperatures have warmed to above 70 degrees. In its optimal growing zones, this tough grass can deliver a beautiful, dense lawn with very little input from you. The seeded varieties of Zoysia Grass, such as the improved Zenith variety, are more economical and in many ways outperform the vegetative or sod … well be longer. Sod most likely does not need fertilizer as it is heavily fertilized at the sod farm. A rented power rake, electric dethatcher or scarifier can then be used to pull up rooted debris which can in turn be “vacuumed” up with the mower. We have developed this site to help you chooses the best Zoysia grass type for your grass project, lawn, sports fields, golf courses and more. With a basic lawn maintenance program you can enjoy a beautiful lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Zoysia is a warm season grass that can be grown further north than many of the other warm season grasses.

Managing disease and insects.

Plugs should be planted using a plugger in a diagonal grid pattern either six or twelve inches apart. It can tolerate partial shade but one should expect the turf to be thinner in these areas.

Because zoysia seed is more economical than sod and establishes faster than plugs it seems like an obvious choice. During this time weeds must be combatted or growth will be brought to a virtual standstill. Pennington Zoysia grass seed and BIO-170 natural mulch are pre-mixed to ensure accurate seed application. West Virginia | Fertilizers

Mississippi Zoysia lawns typically need 1 inch of rainfall or irrigation per week. PHONE Zoysia has good drought resistance once established and the salt tolerance to grow exceedingly well along warmer coastal communities. It will require roughly three quarters of an inch of water during the spring and fall and an inch during the summer. What can I do and should I should be concerned. Seed should be kept moist until it germinates. Illinois Zoysia Lawn Grass Plugs from Seedland are a popular Each have their advantages and disadvantages. About us | A starter fertilizer should be used when seeding or plugging. Privacy & Security | Worked great to enhance growth but the outlawed it. Thus overseeding – a concept best left to cool season grasses – is nearly impossible. | Pests The name Compadre Zoysia was chosen to reflect that the variety may be paired with a cool season grass such as a turf-type tall fescue to create a year round green lawn. Questions? The most common and deadly disease in zoysia is Large Patch. Some homeowners choose to overseed Zoysia lawns in fall with cool-season ryegrass for green winter color, but others appreciate its straw-like natural hue. HAVE Zoysia It may not be a successful endeavor to try this method with warm season grass as Zoysia is a warm season grass and the two would just compete for resources having the same If rain does not provide these amounts, supplemental irrigation will be required.

period of growth. A seeded lawn grown in a warm place with lots of sunlight might be fully established in a year. California Newer varieties can now be planted from seed, which in the past were only Commercial Eventually the Zoysia Grass plugs will spread, take over the cool season grass and will establish a full Zoysia Overseeding thin lawns should be done at this same time.

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