Leather pads absorb moisture and seem to support the foot; plastic pads depend more on packing to fill the cavity. As John Lyons said, "Human safety is first. Building a riding arena for your horses requires making big decisions about the footing. A good arena will have each of these elements: adequate moisture, cushioning, stability, and traction, without any dust. Horse handling and riding can be hazardous if you don't follow basic horse safety rules. The base should be a flat and contain well-compacted aggregate no larger than one-quarter inch, as larger stones can bruise a hoof. Horse Arena Base 101: Understanding the Elements →. Having materials of different sizes and compositions will allow your footing to become more connected and consistent. If he’s not protected back there, sooner or later he might decide to stop working because it hurts him. Horses with sore frogs or pads are one thing, but horses which have been worked long enough and hard enough on the road or in a baked arena to be lame are another. Round particles would appear to offer the biggest void space between adjacent particles, thus being less compactable. The shoes still haven’t caught on, but you can’t fault the inventors for trying to solve a problem. Problems like windpuffs, stocking up, and arthritis are common. On one front are those who prefer to start with a large portion of the footing composed of the native soil. Her work also includes promoting lameness-related research and information for Many people jokingly called them "the pogo stick shoes," and some racetracks even outlawed them, thinking they might give horses an advantage. But a footing primarily composed of round particles is not suitable since there is too little stability between particles. Most pads are made from plastic or leather, but they are available in different thicknesses and angulations. In England, tradition dictates that foxhunting horses be turned out in the spring and brought in during late summer, when they are summarily trotted on tarred roads in a process known as "legging up" in preparation for the season to begin in the fall. In fact, wait about four hours or overnight before using the arena again to allow moisture to soak in. Staying balanced on a yielding surface could stress muscles, tendons, and ligaments that might not be used as hard when horses work on hard dirt or pavement. 2006. To make the dragging less time consuming, use appropriate equipment that is easy to hook up and adjust to conditions. When schooling, the horses are able to jump many obstacles at speed in one session on a consistent surface even when the grass facilities are not fit for use. It is important to keep the fines, or those particles below 0.1 millimeter in diameter, to a minimum in the mixture. A frost-proof hydrant should be located near the arena to supply hose or sprinkler-applied water. Ouch. Some people even use Easy Boots instead of shoes, slipping the boots on only when they need protection, particularly on horses which aren’t used often. Water an arena as you would a garden. Crumb-shaped rubber pieces are suitable to reduce compaction in a sand-dirt or stonedust mixture. Nagging doubts pop up. Remember that a horse’s foot is a bit like a landing airplane: it hits with the caudal (posterior, or heel) zone first, then transfers the load to the cranial (front) portion. For those arena surfaces designed to use native topsoil, 10 to 30 percent of the mixture may be "dirt" with the balance sand. KHC Scholarship Applications Open for Spring 2021, Report: Mustang Helicopter Roundups as Safe as Bait-Trapping, New Microarray Test Scans for 400 Equine Asthma Allergens, Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners Symposium 2019, International Society for Equitation Science 2019, Podotrochlosis: ‘Navicular’ is No Longer the End of the Road for Horses, Core Vaccination: Protecting Horses From 5 Deadly Diseases.

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