RAIN Gives us Space A simp... My next Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk . These teachings included meditative techniques and healing practices. RAIN Helps us to see things in a different perspective Walks in the rain help you see things with a different perspective: Whether it’s the darker lighting, the gloomy mood, or the reflection of streetlights in puddles, almost everything looks different on rainy days. Ian lives in Gloucestershire, UK where he guides Natural Mindfulness Walks and provides coaching, courses, gatherings and retreats, for others who want to deepen their connection with nature and their true nature. Ludwig Araujo is a fitness, fashion, and wedding photographer in the NYC area. These cookies do not store any personal information. Perhaps that’s why we Brits often run and hide away from the rain preferring to bathe in the sunshine when it makes a rare appearance. Bottom line is my kids are more health conscious, at 20 then I was at 40. I'm offering a nurturing and connecting space over the coming weeks through this online nature connection programme. The best part of it was spotting rainbows in the aftermath. http://chng.it/cjQypJBX via @UKChange #EventsIndustry #eventprofs #meetings #events #conferencing, Join the #IFTDays conference with likeminded folks! In real life it would be really weird if it started raining every time something sad and depressing happened, but thanks to TV and the movies we now generally associate rain with upset, sadness and depression. There is something about the rain that changes our association to a place. But this problem is a lot bigger than motherly advice. Enjoy the health benefits of nature-connectedness Classic beauty is tough to define because every culture has their own idea of beauty. When I dried off, however, I felt so refreshed and relaxed. And rightly so, because no one is planning on getting drenched, or worse still, getting a cold. I like the primal connection between my body and Nature particularly when the weather is rough, that stimulates and invigorates me.. It’s also very comforting returning from a wet gloomy walk to a hot bath or shower, fresh towels and a cup of something hot. 8 Awesome Benefits of Walking in the Rain 1- After It Rains, The Air Is Cleaner & Fresher Atmospheric chemists have found that the air is cleaner after and during it rains. RAIN Teaches us Acceptance Particularly for us roughty-toughty men. This can perhaps help some people to view their life problems, challenges and other daily aspects in a different light. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. According to Life Health, there are four specific things that will help you feel better when you walk during the rainy season. 5. #foresttherapy #naturetherapy #shinrinyoku Ian Banyard is a Nature Connection Guide and author of Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature connection. Tips are greatly appreciated. “Only mad dogs and English men” went out in the sun. But we're doing it with more resistance, resentment and reluctance then at any other time in human history. Go against the norm and take a walk in the rain just for the fun of it. You Are Boosting Your Immune System Thus, … The world in the rain is a different place. Exercising in rainy weather burns more calories than on a normal day according to japanese researchers. Many people love the smell of rain and the sound of it pouring down. This will usually be accompanied by sad and melancholic music. Fortunately, the best gift that we can be given as children is for our parents to tell us that we are beautiful. Some find rain romantic and calming for their mind. RAIN Cools your head Although you’d still have to work really hard on your body posture if you wanted to hide the “inner sadness”. 29/05/2015 It is impossible to avoid conflict, whether in yourself or as the result of an argument or disagreement with another person (or object in the case of men). When I was a child, most every family in the neighborhood caught the falling rain in large barrels.

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