In conjunction with the release of Adult Swim favorite "Home Movies: Season One" on DVD, Shout! For such a puny but pugnacious film, “The Green Cockatoo” actually has a lot of talent behind it. admin Graham Greene (story and scenario). Tripper Harrison is on a mission. When the going gets tough, he gets going – whether it is swinging a switchblade in a brawl with the sweep of Toscanini conducting a symphony, standing on his tiptoes to slug a taller opponent on the chin, or (in the ultimate act of hard-boiled he-manship) picking up the telephone to make threatening calls. Then the film abruptly ends at 65 minutes – back in the same train compartment where the whole silly thing began. With direction from William Cameron Menzies and a script by Graham Greene, The Green Cockatoo should have come out a whole lot better than it was. The chambermaid arrives with a pot of tea and sees the dead Connor and Eileen holding a knife. “The Green Cockatoo” follows a young rural girl named Eileen (Rene Ray) on her first train trip to London. In this case quick was not good because haste made some sloppy waste.   |  Crime, Drama, A young girl is travelling to London to find work. Connor double-crossed Terrel by failing to fix a greyhound race and by successfully betting on the winning pooch. Jim is played by John Mills, and he gives what is perhaps the most energetically miscast performance in movie history. “The Green Cockatoo” was made by the British subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, but the studio did not release it. It feels like a parody of gangster movies rather than the genuine article, but the film is played so completely straight that it’s clear the artists involved had no clue to the irony of their creation. (1937) Approved | 65 min | Crime, Drama. “The Green Cockatoo” is nothing short of the unintentional comedy discovery of the year – a film which is so wildly off-target and unaware of its very ridiculousness that it becomes irresistibly endearing. In explaining the presence of the 1937 British B-Movie “The Green Cockatoo” in the line-up of the 2005 New York Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center diplomatically referred to this as “an attempt by the British film industry to make an American-style gangster film,” adding the end result is “an interesting curiosity.” That’s an understatement of devastating proportions. Arriving at the station, she meets a man who has been stabbed by a member of a gang of crooks involved with … But the wound is not fatal and Connor crosses paths with Eileen, gallantly offering to carry her suitcase to the nearest hotel while he is visibly wobbling his final steps. By It’s still his best. She’s searching for a job, although it is not clear what kind of work she can do. 'Course I'm not drunk - I'm too smart for that. Four Dark Hours) is a 1937 British drama film directed by William Cameron Menzies from a story by Graham Greene and starring John Mills and René Ray. The show that celebrates the best in independent film!

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