ATTENTION: Never reverse the polarities. Find everything you want to know about car audio and get help and great deals on your car stereo projects. 8 AMaximum Musical Power: 12,6 VDC 23,5AMaximum Sine Signal intake: 47ADimensions : 160 x 44 x 145mmWeight: 0,60Kg Read more Read more. Taramps 12v y hi volt. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. en cuanto a keller que usa stetsom es cuestionado en todas las paginas rapais por competir en solo en mediciones y en entidades de muy poca credibilidad vulnerables a "arreglos". . 8VDC 4 Ohms: 252W RMS ; Max Power linked 13. Sports - 6VDC : 301A DIMENSIONS MM 229 x 65 x 186mm WEIGHT 2. Protection System: Short into Output Power Supply High Low Thermal Protection. Bass increase s 3 and 4 Variable 0 to 10dB 50Hz. 51,1A Sinusoidal Signal Maximum intake 13,8VDC. 8VDC, Musical Max intake: 19A 13. 6 product ratings - Taramps TS 2000x4 2 Ohms - 2000w RMS DIRECT FROM TARAMPS! Quick View. ©2003-2020 - Short circuit protection at the output. brand, maybe a product page link???? What song are you listening to right now? SMART COOLER system that gives low sound and increased durability. Total harmonic distortion: 0. The DS Line of amplifier modules from Taramps was developed to cover all types of automotive sound systems, be it internal sound or external sound. Send money to a startup company in Brazil you won't have much recourse if you get a fat nothing. Create an account on our community. 1 Premier 2 Ohms 8000w Car Audio. por algo 1er lugar en desde hace 4 años en todas las categorias. Maximum Supply Voltage: 16VDC. The Taramps amplifiers, or power modules, are carefully developed with highest technology and high performance for automotive audio systems. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Taramps DS 800x4 is a more popular audio amp, based on its reviews. s: 4, Input Sensitivity: 160mV, Input blockage: 22K Ohms, Signal to sound percentage: 90dB. Crossover Low Pass : 50Hz to Full Variable. Input Sensitivity 250mV With the 100 level. 6 VDC: 157A. 6 VDC 8 OHMS: 977W RMS. Limiters Anti clipping: Selectable 30, 20, 10 and 1 Phase Selector: 0 180 Degrees. Pioneer GM d9705 vs Taramps? Input blockage: 18K OHMS. (MD8000.1 Premier), TS1200X22OHM: 1200×2 Operation ClassClasse D Number of s2 Max Output Power 13,8 VDC 2 OHM 1200 W RMS 13,8 VDC 4 OHMS 750 W RMS Em linked 13,8 VDC 4 OHMS Input Sensitivity250mV Signal sound percentage 98dB Frequency Response10Hz a 45KHz Crossover High Pass 80Hz a 2. el resto es simple copia. 1 5000 rms car monoblock full range Class D. Max Output power 13. . H P F High Pass Filter 80Hz 12dBOctave. 8VDC 2 Ohms: 400W RMS ; Max Power 13. 6VDC 1 OHM: 3000W RMS 12,6VDC 2 OHMS: 2025W RMS 12,6VDC 4 OHMS: 1140W RMS INPUT SENSITIVITY 230mV SIGNAL TO sound percentage 89dB FREQUENCY answer 10Hz to 20KHz CROSSOVER HIGH PASS 10 to 80Hz Variable CROSSOVER LOW PASS 80Hz a Full Variable BASS increase 0 to 10,5dB in 5Hz THERMAL MANAGEMENT Smart Cooler EFFICIENCY 79 INPUT blockage 18K Ohms OUTPUT blockage 1 Ohm PROTECTION SYSTEM Output Short circuit High or Low supply voltage Thermal protection MIN. TARAMPS DS 440X4 2 OHM. Maximum Power intake for Music: 12. Taramp's TS 400X4 2 Ohms 4 Channel 400 Watts Class D Full Range Amplifier 4.4 out of 5 stars 464. Technical specifications: Number of s: 01 Max Output Power 13,8 VDC 2 OHMS 5997W RMS Max Output Power 13,8 VDC 4 OHMS 4000W RMS Max Output Power 13,8 VDC 8 OHMS 2398W RMS Max Output Power 12,6 VDC 2 OHMS 5000W RMS Max Output Power 12,6 VDC 4 OHMS 3335W RMS Max Output Power 12,6 VDC 8 OHMS 2000W RMS Input Sensitivity: 230mV Signal sound percentage: 95dB Frequency answer: 3dB 10Hz to 8KHz Crossover: H. P. F : 10Hz to 80Hz Variable L. P. F : 80Hz to 8KHz Variable Bass increase: 0 to 10dB Input blockage: 10K OHMS Protection System: Short into Output Power Supply High Low Minimum Supply Voltage: 9VDC Maximum Supply Voltage: 16VDC Idle intake: 2,10 Amp. Musical Maximum intake 126 VDC 65A. Max Power 13. They’re an evolution of the best selling TS Series. Sinusoidal Signal Maximum intake 1KHz 126 VDC 130A. send them your hard earned cash and i guarantee ,that it will be at least 6-8 weeks before you see an amp of any kind,if at all, yeah yeah don't wanna over due it too quick keven at skar his 4500 in says it does 4500 at 12 volts 1ohm probably won't be shipping out untill Feb or march give me a couple months to save up and I can keep my PB he suppose to have a clamp test on the 4500 tomorrow have to see wassup good lookin people, (800 Ds 800-x2 Ds 800x-2 RMS 2 Ohm Ds 800-x-2), Hd 3000: OPERATION CLASS D NUMBER OF S 01 MAXIMUM POWER 12. Idle Power intake: 1. Fiberglass printed circuit board assembled by auto part inserter, making sure quality and robustness. Something went wrong. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Highlights: Microcontrolled management of its functions. Input sensitivity for Max power: 250mv, signal to sound percentage: 95Db. • View topic - TARAMPS - Coming Soon To T&T! Min. 3 s Stereo Mono 2 X 300W RMS 1 OHM. Price $121.00. The DS440X4 fits on the palm of your hand and delivers stunning power in 4 s. Technical specifications: Number of s: 4Maximum Power: 12. Max Output power 13. y en los foros rapais discuten los principales competidores por ende es un buen parametro para ver lo que dicen. The HD Series amps are some of the best selling models, with variable high and low pass filters, extreme durability, while delivering more dependable performance at standard car voltage on the market today. Dynamic products always bring innovation, in the diversity of the lines already presented, as: Stronger, Golden, Platinum Series, TA, HD, TS, DSP, TL, etc. 1 3000 rms Compact car digital signal processor full range monoblock 1 Ohm stable. $121.00. Taramps TS400X4 Full Range 2 Ohm 4 Channel 400W Class D Car Audio Amplifier 4.7 out of 5 stars 35. Amplifiers: 18: Jun 22, 2020: 3000.1 taramps or Wolfram on 300 amp alt? 6VDC: 78. 6 VDC 4 OHMS: 1600W RMS 12. TARAMPS SMART 3 low voltage in 2017 silverado crew cab ltz: Wiring, Electrical and Installation Help: 1: Jun 29, 2020: C: Taramps smart 3 shutting off. 4 Individual s 4 X 300W RMS 1 OHM. Taramps TL1500 TL Line Amplifier Taramp's TL 1500 Car Audio 3 Day Delivery USA . contact us at, Supply 1 Recharger And Procharger Channel vs Ds 800x-2, By1953 Cl-by 1953cl-1953 17.3" HP HD+ 17-by1953cl, AMP Research 76141-01A (76141 01 A 7614101A), CXI3UA91 CXI-3 UA-91 Chromebox Acer CXI3-UA91, G166 SGX-G 166SGX-166 Gaming MSI GeForce G166SGX, Projector Mini GooDee W 18 pricing comparison. They’re an evolution of the best selling TS Series. Signal NoiseRatio 93dB. Price $324.00. Should I go taramps yes or no? 8 VDC : 3592 2439 1370w RMS. The big issue I see is guarantee you'll actually get delivery. It's … The largest car audio forum community, since 2000. var sc_project=12405807; Críticas' iniciado por macrojampy, 29 Jul 2013. yo tuve las 2 marcas y el taramps consume mas y patea mas. Frequency answer Full Range 20Hz to 38kHz 1dB. 30A. DS 440×4 Compact 4 S Taramps. 1 2 Ohms 8000w 1 Car Audio. (DS 440×4), 900828: Classified as Mono it has a maximum power of 5 000 RMS running at a 1 ohm blockage with a single 5 000 RMS. Terms of Service - var sc_invisible=1; Frequency answer: 1dB: 22Hz to 20kHz; 3dB: 14Hz to 23kHz. The largest car audio forum community, since 2000. 6 VDC 2 OHMS: 440W RMS 12. 8 VDC 4 OHMS: 1978W RMS 13. TARAMPS DSP 1600 1 OHM. 6 VDC 4 OHMS: 276W RMS 2 linked s: 12. Taramps Taramps All Taramps Bass Line Crossovers DS Line DSP Line HD Line MD Line Smart Line TL Line TS Line SSV Works SSV Works All SSV Works CAN AM POLARIS POLARIS All POLARIS RZR 900S,1000,TURBO 2/4 & TURBO S RZR 570,800,S,XP900,XP 4,RZR4 SLINGSHOT RANGER / GENERAL YAMAHA MEDIA RECEIVER/CONTROLLER Dimensions 54 H x 168 W x 1161 D. Weight 4 lbs. View cart for details. Max Output power 12. 100 sold. Operation Class: Class D. Number of s: 01. Advanced Forum Stats, Paid Registrations by. Maximum Supply Voltage 16 VDC. Musical Maximum intake 12,6VDC: 241A Sinusoidal Signal Maximum intake 12,6VDC: 482A. Quick View. 4 s rms class d power Specifications. 6VDC: 150. 175 product ratings - Taramps HD 3000 1 Ohm Amplifier 3K Watts Bass + Voice Car Amp - 3 Day Delivery. It has 3 voltage levels that may be adjusted through FINEADJ. Create an account on our community. (DSP16004), DSP 3000.1 Ds 800-x-2: DSP 3000. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. . High temperature protection: If the product temperature reaches a important value, the system controls the output by automatically shutting down and restarting, preventing overheating. Frequency answer: 5Hz 15Khz, hpf: 5Hz 50Hz variable, lpf: 50Hz 15Khz variable. Taramp's DS 1200x4 2 Ohms 4 Channels 1200 Watts Amplifier 4.4 out of 5 stars 82. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Input Sensitivity: 250mV. If so what model line to buy from them? JavaScript is disabled. . DS 440×4 Compact 4 S Taramps. 8 product ratings - Taramps BASS 1200 watts 1 Ohm Amplifier Class D 1 Channel 1200W RMS, 15 product ratings - Taramps Bass 400 Watts 2 Ohms Amplifier 400W RMS, 33 product ratings - Taramps Smart 3 Amplifier - 1~2 Ohms 3000W RMS 1~2 Ohms, 58 product ratings - Taramps MD 8000 1 Ohm Amplifier HD 8K 8000.1 Bass + Voice Car Amp 3-Day Delivery, 5 product ratings - Taramps MD 5000 1 Ohm Amplifier MD5000 HD5000 5K Watts 5000.1 Amp, 27 product ratings - Open Box Taramps Electronics HD 3000 2-Ohm 1-Channel 3000W Car Amplifier -NR2327. the big issue i see is guarantee you'll actually get delivery. was talking to adria from taramp I can get a 5000wrms for$548 they are small like the soundigitals and also come from Brazil anyone ever use these??? Send money to a startup company in brazil you won't have much recourse if you get a fat nothing. PWM digital control of high performance half bridge Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor transistors for optimum throughput and stability in comparison to regular transformer resources. 4D 400 RMS Compact Car Full Range 4 s Class D 2 ohm Stable. Quick View. You can check out our Price $253.00. 8VDC 4 Ohms: 400W RMS. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (Amplifier 800×2 Taramps DS), DSP16004: Single Car Audio Class D Stable to 4 OHMS w fitted High And Low Pass Filters and Bass increase Reference: DSP 1600 4 Ohms.

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