The film’s pacing is lightning fast. Synopsis From there the film basically goes into a series of vignettes where, one by one, Sugar and Baron Samadi pick off Morgan’s enforcers, before finally taking him down himself. And his death scene is one of the worst choreographed fights I’ve seen. All in all, Sugar Hill is both a splendid horror film, one that is absolutely worth your time. He also directed one movie, AIP’s blaxploitation/horror hybrid Sugar Hill. When Langston rejects an offer by Mafia boss Morgan (Robert Quarry) to buy out the club, Langston is beaten to death by Morgan’s hoods, who are primarily white (save for one Black hood, Fabulous, who also acts fairly subservient.) Baron Samedi could easily have become a recurring character like Blacula. If you enjoyed this review and would like to read future reviews up to a week early, please consider backing my Patreon. His girlfriend Diana “Sugar” Hill (Marki Bey, Class of ‘74) is heartbroken and wants revenge. I should add here these are old school, pre-Romero zombies. What Would You Do in The Devil’s Rejects? Review: Sugar Hill (1974) July 2, 2020 July 2, 2020 Jim Morazzini 0 Comments AIP, American International Pictures, Blaxsploitation Film, Don Pedro Colley, Horror Movie, Marki Bey, Movie Review, Paul Maslansky, Richard Lawson, Robert Quarry, Sugar Hill, Tim Kelly, Zara Cully. Halloween: Resurrection (2002) – Movie Review, ICP’s Bowling Balls (2004) Movie Review + Juggalo Talk, The Hazing aka Dead Scared (2004) – Movie Review. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The bad guys who think they got away clean are about to find out that they’re DEAD wrong. Langston is killed within almost 5 minutes of the start of the movie, and Sugar has cut a deal with Baron Samedi within almost another 5. Langston (Larry Don Johnson, Street Tales of Terror) is beaten to death for refusing to sell his nightclub. Camp Death III in 2D! He has a tremendous sense of mirth behind his actions, with the implication not that he’s a Joker-style psychotic – but more that he understands the full weight of what he’s doing, these bastards have earned what’s coming to them, and he’s basically been given full license to enjoy the process due to Sugar’s desires. Backers get reviews up to a week early. She, in turn, takes her to Baron Samadi (Don Pedro Colley), who loans her the power of his army of Zombies with which to get her revenge. Sugar Hill follows Debra “Sugar” Hill (Marki Bey),  the fiancee and business partner of Langston, who runs “Club Haiti” in an unnamed city that is implied to be New Orleans. This is because it spans just so many genres of cinema – action films, gangster movies, science fiction films, and horror … Kim’s Convenience stars talk horror at Fan Expo | Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and Andrew Phung Interview, Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Sugar Hill directed by Paul Maslansky and starring Marki Bey, Robert Quarry, and Don Pedro Colley.

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