Hecarim's ultimate, Onslaught of Shadows, summons a band of spectral riders that charge in a direction from behind Hecarim, fearing enemies and dealing magic damage in their path. Instead, it exploded into nothing with a keening scream. Untertyp Winning glory and honor. Hecarim is a 6 cost Shadow Isles Champion card. Ledros sheathed his blade and removed his spiked helm. The wave of spectral riders travels through Onslaught of Shadows's full length, regardless of where Hecarim himself stops. He was her real betrayer. Towns and villages burned. “We have no quarrel with you,” said another. A moment of satisfaction, and then it was past. Hecarim, the Shadow of War: Roles: Fighter, Jungler, Melee: Date Released: April 18 th, 2012 : Costs: 6300 or 975: 6300 or 975 Hecarim/LoL/Audio | League of Legends Wiki … The 96th champion added to the game, Hecarim was released on April 18, 2012. Active: Hecarim becomes ghosted and gains  25% − 85% (based on time active) bonus movement speed for 4 seconds. Kalista looked around, as if only now becoming aware of her surroundings. The sky was filled with turbulent, dark clouds lit from within by lightning. Die Heilungsbegrenzung zählt insgesamt für alle sich in der Nähe befindlichen Vasallen und Monster und nicht für jede einzelne Einheit. ↑ Hecarim's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com ↑ Hecarim's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com. Erwähnt: Ahri, Alistar, Draven, Fizz, Hecarim, Irelia, Kalista, LeBlanc, Nidalee, Shen, Sivir, Thresh, Vi, Viktor. It means nothing to me.”. This wiki currently has 5,629 articles and 91,825 files. He heard them shouting to one another. Seine Rüstung besteht aus locker gewebtem Sommerholz und Eberesche – die Steine an ihm wurden geschliffen, noch bevor die alten Götter zwischen den Bäumen tanzten. Wikis. They moved swiftly, weaving between the trees, east toward a sun that would never again rise over these shores. The Chem-Barons | Ledros saw confusion, then anguish play across her face. The Black Mist has granted Hecarim a new purpose in undeath, and his thirst for battle and glory hasn't gone away one bit. Ledros yanked the pendant from around his neck, shattering the links of its thin chain. Whenever the Black Mist reaches out beyond their shores, he and the otherworldly host of the Iron Order ride out to slaughter the living, in memory of glories long passed. “To finally be at peace?”, Thresh shook his head, laughing. This was their sunless prison. A new idea came to him suddenly, banishing his lingering doubts and fears. Protective white mist had wreathed the isles, resisting outsiders. He struck through the neck of the knight’s steed, a blow that would have decapitated the beast had it been made of flesh and bone. Full Name Hecarim, der seinem Orden ohne den kleinsten Zweifel gehorcht, dient dem Blutjaspis mit blinder Unterwürfigkeit.  Rüstung36+4 Aktiv: Hecarim schlägt um sich, verursacht an allen nahen Einheiten  normalen Schaden, auf 66.6 % reduziert gegen  Vasallen. It was undamaged. “Ride him down!”, “You shouldn’t have stopped,” said Ledros, a smirk playing on his lips. Malzahar | Blood pooled beneath him, bright crimson against pristine white stone. “You remember this, don’t you?” said Ledros, drawing the pendant from around his neck. The lance of the second knight took Ledros in the side, punching through his armor and snapping halfway down its length. Die Abklingzeit beginnt mit der Aktivierung der Fähigkeit und nicht erst, wenn das. Tahm Kench | A dark lance, its tip jagged and hooked, was clasped in the knight’s mailed grip, and great curling horns extended from his helm. League of Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In that moment, Ledros felt only love. And only the strongest of souls could escape its grasp. Waren seine Herkunft und seine Absichten auch weiterhin rätselhaft, wurde Hecarims Ziel schnell klar, als er die Kriegsakademie erreichte und mit einer Stimme, die sowohl unheilvoll als auch gebieterisch war, Eintritt in die Liga der Legenden forderte. He cursed himself, twisting his hatred inward. Undead Dark Knight, The HorsemanKnight Commander HecarimThe ShadowAngry HorsePony, ImmortalityGlaive proficiencyHorsemanshipHauntingCunning, Burning villagesConqueringPatrolling the Shadow IslesSlaughtering humansCharging to battleBetraying people. It hadn’t. Tall and lean, Kalista was in constant motion. He had not stepped in to stop her being murdered. With grim inevitability, when the queen died, Hecarim chose to sour the king’s grief into hatred, seeking sanction to lead the Iron Order into foreign lands.

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