His marriage into Venetan nobility produced a son, who in 1791 ascended to the throne as King Caseaero I and took the new Venetan Dynasty and installed authoritarian rule over Oceana, silencing anyone who opposed his rule. Territorial claims to islands by Neustria. Her musical roots are embedded in soul, reggae, hip hop, and funk.

In Panopea the story is even more convoluted, but efforts are under way to discover the written and oral history of Panopea. The Teutonians either took over, or utterly destroyed existing kingdoms.

International Ferry Port and Harbour. Aside from its military function, NAS Oceana was an alternative landing site for NASA's Space Shuttle until the program ended in 2011. From the beginning of monarchical rule, Oceana was heavily connected with Neustria, its closest neighbour. [4] At the closing ceremony on July 1, 2012 Oceana performed the song live to a television audience of approximately one billion people. King Tiervan International Airport, royal summer palace on islands, ruins of big church (13th century), Naval Base.

Oceana was first fully unified, albeit forcefully and in parts reluctantly, by the Neustrian Turbo the Younger, who became King Turbo II in 1123, fully solidifying the Neustrian Dynasty in Oceana. Spirit production, outmoded silver mines. Recent evidence also suggests that Turbo and his people, while owing allegiance to the Neustrian King, undertook the conquest as a private enterprise and not on their king's orders. Dusarff is often referred to as Oceana's Oil Capital, although many of the old oil fields have run dry in recent decades. To fill the gap, our founders created Oceana: an international organization focused solely on oceans, dedicated to achieving measurable change by conducting specific, science-based policy campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goals. Much work has yet to be done to discover the country's history, but it is hoped that the new Republic will place a significant focus on re-discovering the past. Several tribes crossed the Gulf of Veneta and settled along the Halciona. Under the old regime, the history of Oceana became exceptionally convoluted and difficult to study. Carrier Air Wing Eight Oceara's name is derived from ocean and Mearas Mearas (a breed of wild horses from The Lord of the Rings).

The 12,736,521 citizens of the Republic of Oceana are heavily situated in the central belt, and particularly around Emporium and Glaschu. NAS Oceana was host to the "Tomcat Sunset" reunion from 21–23 September 2006, where over 3000 former and current aircrew and maintainers came together to celebrate the retirement of the F-14 from active Fleet service. The Republic's main airport, the newly renamed A.R.Foster International Airport, is located north of the city, on the outskirts of Glaschu. Lyngvik is the oldest continuous settlement in Oceana, considered by many historians to be the first place where Scandian raiders set foot in Oceana. After the F-14 Tomcat arrived on the scene in 1976, VF-101 transitioned to Tomcat operations and Phantom training operations shifted to newly established Fighter Squadron 171 (VF-171) to handle Atlantic Fleet training for the F-4 Phantom until it was retired from service in 1984. Home to the Portri Naval Academy, established in 1775. Still a wealthy residential area. Although facing annual floods in April each year, or perhaps because of this, Badenau is renowned for its wine. Boisterous night life due to rowdy military personnel on leave. You can a more detailed overview of the reign of King Tiervan and the Revolution on the Oceana Wiki. His rule over his subjects was authoritarian, controlling almost every aspect of life in the country, and subjugating the peoples with his secret police. This era would be last dynasty of monarchs in Oceana, ending in 2010 with the deposing of the 44th Monarch, King Tiervan, and the Second Civil War. It describes Danson's early involvement with the environmental movement while also explaining the problems that face our oceans today, such as offshore drilling, pollution, ocean acidification, and overfishing. "[14], Oceana focuses on curbing or entirely eliminating the use of plastics, especially single use plastics due to their harmful impact on marine ecosystem and on human consumers. Naval Air Station Oceana or NAS Oceana (IATA: NTU, ICAO: KNTU, FAA LID: NTU) is a United States Navy Naval Air Station located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.NAS Oceana is under the jurisdiction of Navy … Oceana Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Earliest evidence of settlement. sea", "FOUND Brand Takes on Saving the Ocean for World Ocean Month With 100k Initiative", "Oceana's tiny staff covers lots of ground", "Dive In To Shark Week's 30th Anniversary With Several Jawsome Partnerships", "California Wetfish Producers Association: Sardine Fishery Collapse Latest Fake News", "Groups want to halt West Coast sardine fishing", "Catfished by a Catfish: 1 in 5 Seafood Samples Is Fake, Report Finds", "The Irony of Oceana's Seafood Fraud Campaign", "Oceana report has good data, but bad advice", Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, List of harvested aquatic animals by weight, International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Oceana_(non-profit_group)&oldid=972974917, Environmental organizations established in 2001. farming, textiles, tapestries, harvesting, fish. Students, graduates and lecturers alike will be encouraged to socialise and work together to build this post-revolution era state into a powerful presence in the world in which it exists. The methodology of Oceana's studies has also been questioned, mainly due to its selection of historically mislabeled fish for testing instead of a more representative sample. Dragon Isle, off the coast of Elderfell, is inhabited by larfe number of lizards. Trade unions have major political power both in financial and popular support. [26][27], Recent examples of these expeditions' success can be seen in Malta, where an expedition led to the Maltese government expanding marine protected areas,[28][26] or in the Philippines, where an expedition led to the government creating a new marine protected area in the Benham Bank. The band formed as Oceana in 2007 and beginning with a post-hardcore sound. Tourism, agriculture, high-tech industry/new energy. Northside: white-collar industry, most service sector HQs still in Emporium North. The CWPA has specifically called Oceana's claims about overfishing "fake news. Oceana. Old Scandian town, Air Force Base, University of Vik. At one time, in addition to fighter aircraft, all of the Atlantic Fleet's A-6 Intruder medium attack squadrons were also home-based at NAS Oceana, along with VA-42 as the associated Fleet Readiness Squadron charged with training all east coast A-6 pilots, bombardier/navigators and A-6 maintenance personnel.

In a November 2006 referendum, citizens of Jacksonville voted to leave the Cecil Field Airport and Commerce Center in civilian hands under the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, effectively halting any future plans of relocation.

NAS Oceana has grown to become one of the largest and most advanced air stations in the world, comprising 6,820 acres (including Dam Neck Annex). Part of the reason for the implosion of the Trescan Empire was the series of migrations from tribes in Teutonia, which pushed into Neustria and Veneta in the late 4th and early 5th centuries. NAS Oceana's primary mission is to train and deploy the Navy's Atlantic Fleet strike fighter squadrons of F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets. Almost entirely agricultural and sparsely populated until industrialisation, when Korken became major trade hub and by far the fastest growing city in Oceana. The Republic's main airport, the newly renamed A.R.Foster International Airport, is located north of the city, on the outskirts of Glaschu. Business village with lots of hi-tech industries, forestry, paper mills. By the 8th century, the world had recovered somewhat from the fall of the Trescan Empire and some stability had returned. As with most States in history, Oceana has strong roots in Monarchy and Aristocratic rule: From the invasion of Turbo I "The Conqueror" in 1103; through the Tyranny of the Barons, Civil War, Parliamentary Rule and Restoration; all the way through the Absolute Rule of the Venetan line. Naval Air Station Oceana or NAS Oceana (IATA: NTU, ICAO: KNTU, FAA LID: NTU) is a United States Navy Naval Air Station located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lack of public transportation, poor infrastructure. The power vacuum in the wake of the Trescan withdrawal quickly splintered into several small kingdoms of Trescan-Oceanans. Very divided river city. These counties, at the moment and for the most part, are named after the local council centres. NAS Oceana is under the jurisdiction of Navy Region Mid-Atlantic and is the headquarters of Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic and Carrier Air Wings 1, 3, 7 and 8. The BRAC commission proposed moving the fighters to Cecil Field, a recently deactivated naval air station located near Jacksonville, Florida if NAS Oceana was not able to meet that and several other conditions. Many of these conquests were more or less successful, pushing further into the islands than the Trescans, the Teutonians and the Scandians had ever managed. Old (presumed unused) smugglers' tunnels on Isles. Dangerous—and running rampant, report finds", "Acid Test: Rising CO2 Levels Killing Ocean Life", "Oceana report: Offshore wind would reap twice the energy, jobs as offshore drilling", "Oceana: Nine years after Deepwater, offshore drilling is still 'dirty and dangerous, "How whales and dolphins may be harmed by new seismic airgun approval", "Oceana Marine Expeditions to Fill Keys Gaps in Biodiversity Data", "LIFE BaAR for N2K - Life+ Benthic Habitat Research for marine Natura 2000 site designation", "Philippines Announces That The Philippine Rise Is Now Marine Protected Area", "Oceana Wins Lawsuit to Protect Overfished Dusky Sharks", "Federal government announces ban on industrial activities in Canada's marine protected areas", "Chile To Publish Vessel Tracking Data Through Global Fishing Watch", "Spain creates the second-largest marine national park in the Med. Need for a railway link. The Republic is divided into 5 districts: Oceana-Glaschu is the most populous district of Oceana, with a population of 3,063,350. Notable exceptions are Glaschu, Brathsund, Korken, and Clutha City, which were granted city status in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as they became hubs for industry and grew at a rapid pace. As the assassination of President Foster on Victory Day in May 2012 demonstrated, the Republic of Oceana has a long way still to travel. The area was conquered by King Bismarkia in 650 A.D. and remained within his Kingdom until 1815 when the last king died. Trescans first came to Oceana from the Venetan Peninsula. The name Ovyn, meaning "green", is descriptive of the landscape of where the city is located. Upgrading of Airport needed, maintenance of all the historic sites.

[5] The song received numerous gold and platinum awards throughout Europe (Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Italy).[6]. The majority of the history of the peoples, tribes and kingdoms of the Oceanic Archipelago, from the last ice age to the present day, is still being researched. The islands of the Oceana Archipelago were first occupied at the end of the last Ice Age around the 12th millenium B.C.E Settlers likely crossed ice shelves between the Oceanas Channel and the Gulf of Veneta.

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