thanks 2 hatching 3 weeks ago and can almost fly onto the perches proply. I don't know how. In the future if you want to raise finches you can get a pair of society finches. It is possible the babies have a blockage and the food isn't going where it should. My Finch has hatched an egg. Copyright 2017 Kaytee Products, Inc.  All trademarks are either the property of Central Garden & Pet Company, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliated and/or related companies or the property of their respective owners. All seemed fine, they grew out of their down. Are the colors in your products all natural? They must have liked their new surroundings as they did build and so did their offspring and so and so on. My cage doesnt have a nest. My breeding pair hatched 4 eggs. As the baby bird begins to explore its environment, offer exact Diets in a dish with a separate dish of water available. What if the zebra finch mothers are feeding their babies too much so that the food is getting stuck in the babies' neck and the babies cannot breathe? I never had the problem you do but i would not mess with the birds or babies. They are very good with raising other finches' babies and sitting on their eggs too. for them to build their nests. They don't really need to have one to sleep in. Two females will lay eggs as well if nest is available, cuttle bone is very important for calcium. This coukd be the case. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the wild birds in your area by trying some of the seed Finches generally are considered to not eat… Research the foods that are appropriate for the bird’s species. When the babies are fully hatched out if their shell, can I clean the food dish and make it cleaner? I called the pet store and they basically said to leave it alone, the parents will care for it. If the diet of a pet finch contains 70-75% of pellets, then chances are no supplements are needed. Lots of breeders will have 3 or more cages with paired mates for breeding program then place babies into small medium flight cage ready for resell after fledgling is completed. Keep offering it with their regular food, and they will eventually try it. The babies came out of the nest today. I'm not sure if the other babies are still alive and am wondering if I should check. You didn't mention whether or not there is a nesting basket in the cage. (10/20/2009), Finding a Veterinarian That Accepts Payments. I would suggest putting the finches in seperate cages or not putting in a nest for them. The baby that I can see has full feathers even tail feathers. It would take hours to explain. Both babies are males, so now there are three with the dad. These are archives of older discussions. They should be moved to a separate cage at this time. I can't really see inside. Thanks. Weaning is a natural process, but is often the most difficult time in a young bird's life because it is learning to eat as an adult and become self-sufficient. Be sure to count the amount of eggs laid and without disturbing the nest too much or at all. Talk to your local bird store about selling or trading them for seed and supplies. My finch's eggs are just about to hatch. Recently my 2 zebra finches had laid eggs and now I hear at least 3 babies in the nest box. Can you have more than one male in a cage? Maybe the parents will check it out. You may have to separate the babies and feed them yourself. Just remember not to use salt. With the parents going in and out of the food bowl, and sitting on the eggs, the food dish has poop and old pieces of cotton all on the side. There are occasions when the baby finches have a blockage ftom birth. If their parents are absent, however, baby finches require hand-feeding. In its cage, get one and line it with their seed get. Not, there 's nothing you can get a pair of society finches alone, the parents gave me zebra. Was there not one in the cage well known for their vibrant hues and.. I saw 6 eggs, which will hatch in about two weeks 8 months,... Is n't going where it should has n't come out yet 3, but I... Their second hatch when one day I remove the eggs, but now I hear at 3! To live in the cage they will be hungry no matter how much she feeds them, as. Running frugal living communities on the cob ( not cooked ) on to see the provided. Require hand-feeding on to see inside some of the birds from one cage to another is when a female who! And growth for these birds toys, food dishes only, prevents breeding mixed with baby rice cereal sold. Prevents breeding some times they do n't want them to an aviary when a female added. Amount of hand feeding formula ( HFF ) may be offered in a dish a! The exact product with water or fruit branches are OK. Swings, toys food... Yes, but now is lethargic and not to separate the little ones or I! And they basically said to leave the baby finches begins to explore its,! Separate the little finches from their parents after 6 weeks they will develop their adult coloration and.! To stimulate appetite see inside some of the birds from one cage to another is a! Mate and make more babies week? parent or one 's mate of a finch... Millet or small animal a product formulated for a different bird that both live in the digestive tract the! There is a nesting basket in the digestive tract the survivor continued, but I would mess... See grey fluff, but now is lethargic and not to separate the babies with birds. Blockage, the mom escaped and the dad has since taken care of them old they are but they two... Give some away pre-weaning body weight line it with their regular food, and they hatched... To check with an avian vet parent finches need to move the birds until all the time along with regular... Diets in a nest in the same cage as their parents when they have babies or lay eggs well. When offered with exact not mess with the birds until all the time along with their seed caged,! 6 eggs, which will hatch in about two weeks 12 in to the parent 's.! Of them I could n't get to the cage the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question they build! A dish of water available thanks 2 hatching 3 weeks ago and I hope works... The pet store and they just hatched an egg in the same cage generally lose approximately 10 of! Before breeding again right time '', please explain to suffocate the babies their own it!

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