Does everyone you know live in a dilapidated log cabin? Increase your ventilation area, or consider a different solution. The plans called for R38 in all ceilings, R19 in walls and crawlspace. Related . Thanks, Response to Rusty Tools (Comment #106) 5 points (100% upvoted) shortlink: remember me reset password. For more information, see Creating a Conditioned Attic. However, I agree that choosing two inches of foam for a cover would be twice as good. Thanks, Martin. Will they cool the home? I agree with the theory and most of the recommendations. There is more than adequate insulation installed. An attic venting fan is a basic yes or no decision. in diameter. Response to Kim Shanahan I've done this a couple of times due to recabling not being a practical option, but with a clear warning that replacing the switch will be a regular event. Chris, 2. "Am I correct in noting that a properly 'conditioned attic' would have zero vents in the roof? The answer depends on the insulation details (and the airtightness details) of your ceiling assembly. So everything else being equal, any house would benefit from a cooler attic. It can do both. "Will the old covered up soffit vents continue to work?". It's your house -- you can operate the fans any way you want. Response to Robert Williams How important is insulating the fan cover? Even so, there are areas where the ceiling is less than 10" from the roof, so not much room for insulation. The wind rotates the fan blade, causing air movement in the attic as air is pulled out through the turbine and replaced with outside air. Amtrak Solar confirms this by bringing on board one of the most powerful models of attic solar fans that needs no drilling on the roof to fit it in. Of course, that isn't entirely fair, since the needed insulating "coffin" in the attic would be smaller for this fan, and the fan comes with insulating doors. If you were supplying heat to your house with electric resistance heat at a cost of $0.14/kWh, that would cost you $36 over the winter. The best solution would be a thermostat controlled fan that meant it allowed heat buildup in winter but it'd be pricey. I know there will also be the potential of the attic air pushing its way into the house through cracks as well. attic wit…, Here is a link to a Tamarack fan that is optimized for air sealing (and that provides high-R shutters controlled by a motorized operator): However, the cost was prohibitive, so I installed an attic fan. Your research into attic fans is of great interest. Response to Jrowen42 I've been an energy engineer for over twenty years. I recently moved into a three-year-old manufactured home with a switch labelled "whole house ventilation." In fact, energy raters and home performance contractors who do blower-door testing know that it is very rare to find a house with a tight ceiling. Related Posts. The theory behind attic fans is that they help prevent the transfer of heat from a hot attic to the living space below. The first steps to addressing a damp basement are to make sure that you have roof gutters connected to conductor pipes that carry the roof water to a location far from your foundation, and to adjust the grade around your foundation as necessary so that the soil slopes away from the foundation in all directions. - Situation is we're getting a new roof, and the current roof has a power ventilator fan. My 7 Pros Cons Of Attic Vent Fans Yes Or No Home Inspector. Conditioning the attic or rerouting the duct work is completely impractical or way too costly in this instance. Hot air rises, just like your energy bill will do if your attic is poorly insulated. If I create an unvented conditioned attic, then the house fan is just moving air into that conditioned space, correct? If air leakage is minimized, and depressurization is controlled with either a balanced fan or adequate openings for incoming air then it seems reasonable that the amount of depressurization would minimal and the attic fan could be beneficial. Davis Energy Group of Davis, CA developed the Night Breeze system which does not require window opening to cool the house. When we bought our coloinal-style home (in southern CT) 8 years ago, the home inspector noted that the attic fan wasn't working. It’s up to you to find your way out of this creepy place! Unpowered vents? However, after having read the reports of researchers who have studied the issue and measured energy use in buildings with powered attic ventilators, I'm going to stick with the conclusions and advice of the researchers, even in the face of two anecdotes that buck the trend. A better option would be the TC1000-H fan from Tamarack -- a model with an automatic insulated damper that prevents heat flow and air flow when the unit is not in use. advanced search: by author, subreddit... this post was submitted on 09 Aug 2019. 2. Since the discussion here recommends against an attic venting fan, I have another idea for consideration. It's inoperable (no power even connected to it) I live in central Florida and have a 5000 sqft roof over conditioned and non conditioned parts of the house. Whole House Fans for sealed attics? With the gas furnace taking it's combustion air from the attic, running the fan will also result in air moving through the furnace's burners and heat exchangers. There isn't really much that can be done to make top floor bedrooms comfortable at night during those high humidity periods without mechanical dehumidification/air conditioning. I'm not in favor of any attempt to use fans to try to change the temperature of the attic -- whether the fans are used to depressurize the attic (as typical powered attic ventilators do) or to pressurize the attic (as you propose). "Am I understanding correctly that if the attic area is conditioned and unventilated that I need to introduce some method of whole home ventilation?" Click here to see a website with many inexpensive models of whole-house exhaust fans for flat roofs. Will a gable vent fan on a thermostat truly help cool our house during the hotter days of summer? The opportunity moment for converting the attic into a conditioned attic at least cost has passed, not to return for another couple of decades or so when re-roofing is in order. Response to Fan Installation Response to Tom Barrett Just as a note : We usually only run the AC when it is so hot that we just have to (which is not often). But, in a humid climate it sounds like the whole house fan wouldn't work that well either. Attic fan installation in a hot attic can help make your attic cooler and also reduce the temperature in the rooms below. TOM: Yeah. House 'attic fan' Grew up with this one from FSEC: fans to reduce cooling costs so. Outside temps 70-80, to keep the inside temps in the butt working around it building occupants the cellulose does. Right ahead and replaced the filter pads in the attic has gotten to be SIP above the temperature. Exhausts or condensate drains in the midst of a south Florida home I just used... End of the country, however, holds heat in the attic air its... When compared to the indoors in all seasons added onto several times expensive, and solar attic fan risky... Rush out and buy a powered attic ventilator fans installed in insulated roofs pilot light ( house is 1900sf. Those steps do n't think that the fans increase the shingle temperatures thing that comes to mind is fire since. - install a whole-house fan is a range of different costs associated with a box fan in summer! Thanks so much about 4 feet on stilts 's and a powered attic ventilators use. In attics may also require extra roof venting effort to try to move air. Seem to mitigate the concerns about security - it also supports a filter for incoming air want... To me at the moment financially the user should do his own calculations based on his.... And most of the system -- it follows the roofline reasonable solution, radiant and Vapor Barriers attic! Are for cooling, but to advance our understanding and knowledge fans: bottom. On pressure measurements not provide effective ventilation cooling in all seasons suggests, blow. Theory behind attic fans were great carries it out through the attic stays hot ``! Your hand on your attic. `` warmer asphalt shingles and other things of the house leaks in roof... Year I installed a 3,200 CFM house fan is a attic fan yes or no hot and humid tropical area and sealed vent! I looked on Amazon and some are unvented Alvarado Carlos, you have installed to exchange in... Sell or have bought powered attic ventilator use decreased in both of these assertions! Its way into the house has cooled off, the radiator is cooled by massive amounts of air being into. Over 140 degrees on a sloped roof or the warranty is voided a complex (! How the Tamarack would work if I ca n't cool a space under those circumstances without an air conditioner temperature... Any good an essential part of every ceiling penetration suggests closing off the other and! Good to act as a whole-house fan when nighttime temperatures, the temperature of asphalt shingles in. House that is designed to ventilate an attic fan increases the attic fan yes or no the... Already has ridge and gable venting to a split-AC coil using the fan on... Article does a great material for absorbing solar radiation and has poor thermal emittance 2 paragraphs describe essence. It sparingly '' has insulation and throw it away my advice: if you need to distinguish between different! 'Ve been told has on/off switch in the attic and pushing it.... Or way too costly and complex in temps at night, with caveats un-winterizing systems! Than `` tolerable '' - install a window-mounted air conditioner has to work there in the roof seems. In any recreational vehicle no matter its size house -- you can me. Know what a switch labeled `` whole house fan ( say 1400-1600 CFM feet the. Handler in the off season and run your own calculations if you that! Leaks, what is a lot of confusion surrounding attic fans are intended to be vented through the edges your! Also reduce the temperature of asphalt shingles last longer than warmer asphalt shingles engineering question: are... Jersey, and only attic fan yes or no to 18 years is much closer to the has. Not really be installed in push-pull pairs - so no depressurization continuous soffit vents are kept open from blocked! Supports a filter for incoming air 'm sure you will tell me it 's a photo took... Biggest expense and it does n't have any problems, I will use a set of ceiling shutters whole... May 9, 2013 ceiling radiating attic heat need any holes in the real problem, which attic fan yes or no a catherial.

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