30-0, Boxing Highlights: Teofimo Lopez Upsets Vasiliy Lomachenko, Preview: UFC Fight Night 181 ‘Hall vs. Silva’, Prime Picks: UFC Fight Night 181 ‘Hall vs. Silva’, After the Quake: Game Planning the Future of 155 Pounds, Opinion: The UFC Is Bad at Promoting (And Three Ways to Fix It), Sherdog's Pound-for-Pound Top 10 Rankings. Paternal granddaughter of Donald Louis Carano (son of Louis "Louie" Joseph Carano and wife Mildred F. Bisagno, paternal grandson of Benedetto "Ben" Carano (b. probably in Liguria, Italy) and wife Emilia Ferrari (b. probably in Liguria, Italty), and maternal grandson of Joseph Anthony "Joe" Bisagno (b. Genoa, Liguria, Italy) and wife Sarah Faye "Sadie" Tefft (b. Wisconsin), daughter of Henry B. Tefft and wife Alice Maud McIntyre of Clan MacIntyre, of English and more distant Scottish descent) and wife Paddy Creek (daughter of Thomas H. Creek and wife Patsy Velaris Jones, paternal granddaughter of George Washington Creek and wife Ollie or Alle Clay and of English and some German and Dutch, through which line she was eight times great-granddaughter of Ack-toch Caniachkoo, a Mohawk Native American). I came home crying every day from school, or whatever. Her number one movie star crush is on the late. All Rights Reserved. They already met in Muay Thai earlier, and Gina won. Hot on the heels came a role in the worldwide hit FAST AND FURIOUS 6 for Universal Pictures opposite Dwayne Johnson furthering her appeal as an Action Star. ... she’s mainly stayed focused on her acting career. Covington’s fighting acumen. [In 2007 on Dana White's refusal to allow women into the UFC] We are doing what we want to and there are plenty of other promotions that are up and coming and even that haven't popped up yet that we're going to be able to shine in. She appeared on the television show "Sport Science" where she choked out host John Brenkus. Opinion: Can ‘Cyborg’ Escape the Stench of her UFC Departure? QOTD: Dana White Says Gina Carano Is The "Hardest Fucki ... Gina Carano Moving Forward In Hollywood, Not The UFC. I can't even believe it's actually a question. She has a bad time ahead of her. Carano called the award, "an incredible honor.". [on her early "Fight Club" like bouts] I walked up in a gym once and I saw this dude weighing-in on the scale, and it was like a six-foot, something dude. UFC 254 was headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje. I do fight because I want to. [4]Outside the ring, Carano served as a mentor to aspiring fighters in the 2007 Oxygen reality series Fight Girls and performed as 'Crush' in the revamped television series American Gladiators before her breakout performance in Steven Soderbergh's film HAYWIRE, holding her own against the likes of Michael Douglas, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Bill Paxton and Antonio Banderas. I walked into the gym and this little Thai man walked up to me and said, "Oh baby, you fat. I'm two points away from getting my license suspended because cops never let me go for some reason. My first fight. She doesn't need that. I know I don't look like all these other women. Defeated Kelly Kobold October 4, 2008 to achieve a 7-0-0 record. Carano began training in Muay Thai before transitioning to competitive MMA, where she competed in Strikeforce and EliteXC. And then we started fighting. Gina carano hot naked bewildered training and became affiliate. Def: 64% TD Avg ... Gina Carano Rosi Sexton 1 0 46 10 0 0 1 0 WPFC 1 Sep. 15, 2006 KO/TKO Punch 2 4:55 win. It's like an energy that nobody else is going to share. Carano compiled a competitive record of 12-1-1 in Muay Thai and a 7-1 in women's MMA. So I was like -- Damn! for a combined force of 4,800 lbs. In 2014 Rant Lifestyle ranked her at #29 on their "30 Hottest Women in the World" list. Seriously, Does Uriah Hall Even Have Fans??? https://mmaonline.ru/fighters/dzhina-karano/. Official Sites. In May 2009, Carano was ranked #16 in Maxim's Hot 100 list. not she will ever outrun UFC President Dana White and... By: Todd MartinWhether MMA ends up the first or second sentence in her biography, This has led to many fans requesting photos with Gina clenching them in the Rear Naked Choke Hold. A girl got involved in the fighting because of her ex-boyfriend Kevin Ross. Cwrano addicted undefeated and accordingly dedicated the win to her person. The film grossed over $870 Million dollars at the Box Office. There's better females out there. After achieving a Muay Thai record of 12-1-1, Carano received an offer from Jamie Levine to participate in the first-ever sanctioned female MMA bout in Nevada with World Extreme Fighting to fight Leiticia Pestova. Or maybe that's just me hoping. [on dating] When you meet a guy the question goes through your head whether you can beat him up or not and I think that's an instant attraction. The award was presented to her by Action legend Zoe Bell, - IMDb Mini Biography By: I was chubby. monitoring_string = "5eb5a0f65cbe346d74f978e14db1b00d" Her paternal grandfather was of three quarters Italian descent. And then she turned around... and I was like, "Oh no. She'll come back. After starring in the independent films DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF opposite Richard Dreyfuss and the dark comedy MADNESS IN THE METHOD with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, Gina secured a lead role in Jon Favreau's highly reviewed Star Wars TV show THE MANDALORIAN for Disney +.

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