Select ENQUIRE NOW or call the number below, quote GO Play to confirm your booking. You see, before visiting this part of the Antipodes, I could list exotic countries like Samoa, Cambodia, Turkey and Jordan as my favourite countries. (Source: Te Ara Encyclopedia, BBC), 17. And, it is one of the interesting facts of New Zealand, that’s why it is one of the best places to live. This is proved by the fact that we were the first to conquer Everest and first to discover the proton! A post shared by Paige-Victoria (@paigevictoria96) on Feb 13, 2017 at 3:36pm PST. Our more widely recognised national anthem, ‘God Defend New Zealand’, didn’t become the second national anthem until the 1970s by petition (with the Queen’s blessing). There’s a bit of debate about this, but the generally accepted consensus is that there are 9 sheep to 1 person living in New Zealand. Read More: Top 10 Beautiful Places in New Zealand. That made it the second highest religion in the country at the time and the highest per capita in the world. 2. As a matter of fact, we’re one of only two nations in the world to have more than one, the other being Denmark. Its capital city is Wellington, and one of the most crowded city is Auckland. You’re actually more likely to see them in the countryside during your epic road trips. You dive into the centre of a huge clear plastic ball and roll down a two-hundred-metre hill or the slower but wilder zigzag course; you can choose from wet and dry rides. It has comprised two main landmasses one is the North Island and, the other one is South Island. A crazy amount of it. (Source: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research), 12. probably you know that Elizabeth II is the Queen of Great Britain, but also, she is the Queen of New Zealand, Canada, as well as twelve other independent states of Europe. It is heavier than a sparrow and looks like a giant cockroach. (Source: Movie Mistakes), 18. Read more about the world’s first sunrise. New Zealand is one of few countries with two national anthems: God Save the Queen and God Defend New Zealand. It is not an artificial cave where humans put glowsticks on the wall, but it is a natural wonder. In 1893, New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote. Famous New Zealanders include Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to summit Mount Everest and Baron Ernest Rutherford, the first person to split the atom. 1. All Rights Reserved. There are no native snakes in New Zealand. Hectors dolphins are the planet’s minimum and regular creatures of water around where you will be able to swim with dusky dolphins all year round up the road in Kaikoura. (Source: Britannica), 3. First European explorer Abel Tasman gave this name it after the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. That’s because our insects have a habit of being very big. An amazing experience to include on your next trip. (Source: IMDb), 5. A post shared by Edmund Hillary (@edmundhillarycollection) on Jan 6, 2019 at 1:47pm PST. New Zealand was the last major habitable land to be populated by humans. (Source: The Guardian), 13. Additionally, if you are planning to go there for spending vacations or work purposes so, you must be fluent in English. In 1642, Dutch sailor Abel Janszoon Tasman became the first European to discover New Zealand. Enjoy a perfect day out with the entire family. (Source: CIA World Factbook), 4. New Zealand has more than 10,000 protected areas, covering around 32% of its total land area. Bring your togs. Tourists today can visit ‘Hobbiton’, which served as the set of the Shire. We’re talking about the Moa and the Haast Eagle. A post shared by Dave Reece Photography (@davereecephotography) on Aug 15, 2017 at 2:14am PDT. 1. On the map, one can clearly see the difference between intensively farmed dairy pasture on one side of the boundary and the deep green of old-growth forest on the other. We decided to do some research and put together this list of 15 interesting facts about New Zealand to enrich what you know about our beloved country. Image by Oyvind1979. It was a massive project that involved 275 days of shooting at 150 locations with 300+ sets. Once fur seals were hunted for their meat but, now they are protected species. We spent a month travelling through the North and South Islands and learnt many interesting facts about New Zealand along the way. He left after several of his crew were killed by Maoris and it wasn’t until 1769 that Captain James Cook arrived and mapped the land. A post shared by MaryKate ~ Mez (@travelswithmez) on Aug 11, 2018 at 7:21am PDT. (Source: Britannica). 15 fun facts about New Zealand to inform your next holiday to our wonderful country. All others were introduced by humans. It’s been our mission to explore every corner of our beautiful country and share our experiences with you. Another Kiwi-nutter ride! Kiwis are implausible people, and they are immensely proud of their backgrounds. There are a lot of interesting and strange facts about New Zealand. A post shared by Jiří Polák (@juraspolak) on Jan 15, 2019 at 2:38am PST. They also both have the honour of appearing on our $5 and $100 notes respectively. Before mingling with New Zealanders and fellow backpackers on your trip of a lifetime, there are a few things to learn about the country you’re going to be travelling in. Her efforts in gathering 30,000 signatures for parliament led to the establishment of universal suffrage and for that, she can be seen on our $10 note. Its Maori name is ‘Rotomairewhenua’ which means ‘Lake of Peaceful Lands’. Another of our favourite interesting facts about New Zealand is that it’s home to the longest place name in the world. That puts the total number at around 40 million sheep. A post shared by Her Majesty The Queen (@hm.queenelizabeth) on Feb 5, 2019 at 6:24am PST. Additionally, they are very possessive and passionate people of New Zealand. We start off with a mildly controversial one as the knowledgeable among you may know that Samoa is technically the first country to welcome the new day. (Source: Britannica), 11. Why not start with these 24 interesting facts about New Zealand! (Source: NZ Herald), 6. Remarkably it has a visibility range of up to 80 metres. One of our best examples of this is the Weta, the largest insect in the world, which has ears on its knees, loves carrots and weighs in at 70g. The state’s diverse landscape and high-pitched mountain peaks, plus the Southern Alps, owe much to tectonic uplift and volcanic eruptions. There is, however, the giant weta, the heaviest insect in the world. Kaikoura is the only place on the planet where you can see giant sperm Whales on a tour, round a year. We’ve always been big fans of the Star Wars movies in New Zealand, proving it in our enthusiastic attendance of the all films over the years.

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