Leur combinaison inspire des milliers d’histoires magiques à l’esprit. Flacon 100 ml eau de parfum. PARFUM 100% AUTHENTIQUE DE CHEZ ARABIAN OUD . Amber, woody, floral and sweet, lovers of oriental fragrances can be seduced by this perfume with neat packaging and different from the perfumes … romarin, … ELU 2 FOIS PARFUM DE L’ANNEE. sfs perfumes. Voted best fragrance in the world by The Fragance Foundation in 2010, Kalemat is the must-have fragrance of Arabian Oud. A wide range of designer type Halal perfume and body oils , Visit our website … Kalemat is a seductive, sweet woody perfume, designed especially for a man who has a charge, for a man who wants to catch his scent and for a man who likes to win. FREE SHIPPING IN UK ON ORDERS … welcome to sfsperfume.com, Supplier of alcohol free perfume and wholesale perfume oils in England ,Uk.

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