ElectricChoice.com We would never deliberately mislead our readers and this blog was meant to be a bit of fun. 32. You can even die. That electricity comes from power plants that burn coal, catch the wind, or harness nuclear reactions. Several publications in the scientific literature have raised concern about the individual and public health impact of adverse non-ionizing radiation (a-NIR) from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure emanating from certain power, electrical and wireless devices commonly found in the home, workplace, school and community. Many countries produce electricity from coal; currently coal makes up two fifths of the worlds electricity. The best way to conserve energy is for people to try to use less electricity on a daily basis by turning off and unplugging machines and appliance when they are not in use. The eel can emit a low voltage current to stun its prey when hunting, or it can emit a high voltage current if it is in danger and needs to scare away a predator. While you know that humans rely on energy for purposes outside our bodies, did you know that humans also use energy inside their bodies? 38. [3] The amount of energy Americans use doubles every 20 years. In 2003 the teachers at La Quinta, California middle school complained that they had more cancers than would be expected. Too much CO2 can act like a blanket in the atmosphere, trapping heat and raising the outdoor temperature. However, contrary to popular belief, Franklin neither invented nor discovered electricity. Your email address will not be published. You've probably always heard to never touch an electrical wire, but maybe you have wondered why birds sitting on a power line do not get electrocuted. EVs also run on a rechargeable battery and produce no carbon dioxide, making them much better for the environment. “Dirty electricity”: what, where, and should we care? Take lithium or rechargeable batteries to your local solid waste agency for proper recycling. What are the most common ways you can get shocked by electricity? This type of outage is rare and impacts only a small number of people at a time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The United States has more nuclear reactors, more nuclear power capacity and generates more nuclear power than any other country in the world. This gas is then used to heat water and create energy. Electric discharge, electric heating, static electricity and lightning are a number of cases related to electricity. Relationship between the use of electronic devices and susceptibility to multiple sclerosis, EMF Effects from Power Sources and Electrosmog, Observation of Abnormal Behavior of Cows Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields, The electronics in fluorescent bulbs and light emitting diodes (LED), rather than ultraviolet radiation, cause increased malignant melanoma incidence in indoor office workers and tanning bed users, Radiations and Dirty Electricity Affecting Human Health, A pilot neighborhood study towards establishing a benchmark for reducing electromagnetic field levels within single family residential dwellings, Refutation of dirty electricity hypothesis in obesity: epistemological arguments and trans-disciplinary study using an instrumental variable, Response to “refutation of dirty electricity hypothesis in obesity: epistemological arguments and trans-disciplinary study using an instrumental variable” by Frank de Vocht and Igor Burstyn, Low frequency electromagnetic field exposure, Electromagnetic fields act viaactivation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects, Evidence that dirty electricity is causing the worldwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes, Relationship of electric power quality to milk production of dairy herds — Field study with literature review, Dirty electricity, chronic stress, neurotransmitters and disease, Measurement and analysis of electromagnetic pollution generated by GSM-900 mobile phone networks in Erciyes University, Turkey, Study of electromagnetic radiation pollution in an Indian city, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dirty Electricity, Wind Turbines Make Waves: Why Some Residents Near Wind Turbines Become Ill, Protective measures to minimize the electromagnetic radiation, Estimation of ambient electric fields generated by dirty electricity from compact fluorescent lamps.

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