Platinum Edition Includes: 5 Years of premium DroboCare Warranty Service & 128GB mSATA SSD Card for Accelerator Bay, Highly scalable network storage array. Powered by PerimeterX , Inc. Javascript is disabled or blocked by an extension (ad blockers for example). Deal. Use for data sharing, secure backup, remote access, and disaster recovery. These special editions are created to provide performance and peace of mind for power users. All packages require a signature at delivery. You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. If there are any empty drive bays, BeyondRAID allows additional drives to be inserted into the array, where they would be automatically configured. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. DroboApps support, including ElephantDrive, Resilio Sync, Koken, and Plex and more. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Drobo 5N2 Gold Edition 16TB: (4x4TB) with Seagate IronWolf Pro Hard Drives, W/128G mSATA, 5 Year DroboCare (DRDS5A21-G16TB) at The extended 5 year DroboCare warranty includes hardware replacement, technical support and migration assistance. Drobo 5N2 - Gold Edition - 128 GB mSATA SSD Card for Accelerator Bay - serveur NAS - 5 Baies - SATA 6Gb/s - Gigabit Ethernet - avec 5 ans de DroboCare pas cher The 5N2 is built with Drobo’s patented BeyondRAID™ technology to meet the demanding data storage requirements of connected home users, media professionals and small businesses. Secure shopping made faster. The 5N2 is the fastest, network attached Drobo available to prosumers and provides up to 2x performance boost with an upgraded processor and port bonding option. *DroboCare does not cover failed hard drives. The 5N2 Gold Edition Use for data sharing, secure backup, remote access, disaster recovery and includes 5-years of premium DroboCare, and 128GB mSATA SSD card for Accelerator Bay. Just like the Drobo 5N2, the Drobo 5N2 Gold edition delivers an unparalleled user experience for data sharing, secure backup, remote access, and disaster recovery solutions. The 5N2 5-Bay NAS Enclosure (Gold Edition) from Drobo improves upon the original 5N2 by pairing it with a 128GB mSATA SSD and five years of DroboCare warranty services. Le Drobo 5N2 Gold Edition est annoncé à 809 €, et le Drobo 5D3 Gold Edition à 1 029 €, soit 270 € de plus que les modèles « standard ». These two ports provide bonding support, also known as Adaptive Link Bonding, for link failover and aggregation without Ethernet switch support. Every Gold Edition Drobo includes 5 years of premium DroboCare warranty with product registration. World’s First Self-Managing USB-C Storage Solution, Lightning Fast Storage for Your Creative Workflow, The Power to Transform Your Storage Workflow, The faster, easier Drobo for your network, Network storage made simple with Remote Replication, Copyright 2020 Drobo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other standard return policy conditions apply. Drobo 5N2 special editions include a battery that protects all data in Performance and Peace of Mind Delivered for Power Users Drobo Dashboard Drobo Dashboard is the single tool used to centrally manage all of your Drobo devices. Usually reserved for larger enterprise-class storage solutions, the Drobo 5N2 gives you the option to implement Hot Data Caching through the Drobo Accelerator Bay and an included 128GB mSATA SSD. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. *Please note that units ordered with hard drives require 2-3 business days for processing, kitting and shipping. Drobo 5N2 Gold Edition with Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports, is a 5-Bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution providing performance and peace of mind for power users. It was designed to provide a high-storage capacity without taking up a lot of desk space. The 128GB mSATA SSD is … The Drobo 5N2 is compatible with Windows and Mac, including APFS and macOS High Sierra. Serv. The included mSATA SSD card will access the files you use most frequently by up to 30%. If there were to be a sudden power loss, the battery allows the Drobo to stay powered long enough for the cached data to be written to non-volatile storage. The Drobo 5N2 Platinum Edition with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports is an enhanced solution that includes 5 years of premium DroboCare coverage with product registration. Simple to set up and manage, Drobo Disaster Recovery replicates your data to another 5N2, helping to ensure data availability in case of a disaster. Upon product registration, the extended five-year DroboCare warranty provides hardware replacement, technical support, and migration assistance. Deal. Drobo 5N2 Gold Edition with Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports, is a 5-Bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution providing performance and peace of mind for power users. Gen. #0907906. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. Drobo's 5N2 has been designed for data sharing, secure backups, remote access, and disaster recovery solutions. Instructions on DroboCare activation included in the box. Drobo 5N2 Gold Edition, Diskless Includes: 128G mSATA and 5 Year Drobo Care. Drobo Dashboard displays status as if all of your Drobos were right in front of you with the same status lights and capacity gauge that are on the front panel. The Drobo 5N2 includes a battery that helps protect data in the memory, or cache, that is, data on its way to the drives. Frequently used files can be accessed up to 30% faster by implementing the Hot Data Cache technology. Drobo's revolutionary, built-in Disaster Recovery technology automatically replicates your data and settings to an offsite 5N2, for additional peace of mind and ease of use. Expandable by adding drives or hot-swapping drives with larger ones. The Drobo 5N2 Gold and Platinum Editions are ideal for homes and small businesses. Seamless integration with the Drobo Dashboard makes using DroboApps user-friendly. Speed up future orders, see order history, create wish lists, and more. DroboAccess app allows 5N2 Gold edition owners to access, upload and share their data anywhere, anytime through a secure and encrypted network. The Drobo 5N2 is equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for network connectivity and makes sharing your data easy by connecting directly to your network. The myDrobo platform extends the functionality of Drobo NAS devices by providing a secure and fully end-to-end encrypted path to selected Drobo apps. Additional protection is accomplished using Drobo's BeyondRAID technology, which enables single- or dual-drive redundancy. Store #0906712 Elec. Shop without retyping payment details. Whether you want to stream media or backup to the cloud, DroboApps have you covered. Popular apps include ElephantDrive for cloud backup and Plex for media serving. Make informed decisions with expert advice. It distinguishes itself from the original Drobo 5N through the inclusion of an additional Gigabit Ethernet port, for a total of two. 64TB filesystem support Gigabit Ethernet connectivity x2.

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