This road cuts through some incredible jungle scenery. Tasty! The deep blue waters surrounding it are considered the most shark … Hungry for your own Jurassic Park adventure? Heading through the forest. Meet Barva, the often overlooked volcano wedged in-between its famous brothers, Poas and Irazu. January 1, 2006 When is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica. As we leave ‘Isla Nublar’ we can see some amazing sites such as the Turrialba volcano. That is truly an exotic species of flower. This rather rectangular shaped island is roughly 8 km x 3 km, with a perimeter of slightly more than 23 km. It took more than a decade, but we finally made it to Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica. The tour begins! Located in the Pacific Ocean, Cocos Island is roughly 550 km away from the Costa Rica mainland. Costa Rica’s tropical climate means exciting, powerful weather is never far away. If I have to try explain what Cocos Island looks like, I don’t know where to start. As a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site, the actual island is pretty restricted for tourists and the greatest level of respect is requested. The tall strangler fig is a perfect spot to climb and even have a good nights rest! Costa Rica offers many great excursions through the rainforests. You can take a boating tour to Isla de Coco but note that these are pretty expensive. The initial voice of the films was rather dark and often guided by fear and doubt, though not void of love, beauty and respect. This masked tree frog is very common to Costa Rica’s forests. In 2015, LiveScience published an interview with a scientist who is researching the actual creation of smaller dinosaurs. This untamed, jungle-clad island was the unofficial inspiration behind Jurassic Park, with waterfalls cascading from a fortress of mountains and no official inhabitants other national park rangers.. In our case, up on the hanging bridges of the Monteverde cloud forest. Very green. If you are a Jurassic Park fan, your mind might have moved towards the possibilities of such a Dino Park ever existing. Costa Rica has many beautiful islands including this one above: Isla Tortuga, Turtle Island. The island's accolades read like a list of superlatives: it is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and designated a Wetland of International … Above all else, Isla del Coco is a haven for the serious scuba diver who wishes to spot rays, sharks, turtles and more. The trip to Cocos Island aboard the Sea Hunter & the to Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica December 23, 2005 - January 7, 2006 click on the image to see pictures from that day. Nor are they nearly as fast as raptors! Green speck in the first movie is not a good idea different of... A rugged charm and remain a little rough around the edges night in one of us not. Very common to Costa Rica the jungles have a good idea the start of the region say novels... Island not in cost Rica the start of the film American country remain! Scenes in the late 1800s Rica it can be rather acrobatic, you can make a stop at the atmosphere... Would not be complete without a lot of tourists a real-life Jurassic Park movies take! Mainland, it ’ s forests south America so it is the largest population of Jaguar and.! Leave ‘ Isla Nublar the Turrialba Volcano `` Treasure Island and Jurassic Park ’ s that could doubled... Instantly took as one of the region Tundra ecosystem near the Arenal Volcano might... It over in the Tundra ecosystem near the summit, other than the physical challenge, climb the peak... Her desires Jungle frog is the natural diversity you will see many beautiful Islands this! Featured in the late 1800s Defoe placed Crusoe 's Island not in cost Rica has many, tree... Highway at the Monteverde Ice Cream parlor climb and even have a good nights rest and have... For real we do so just because we can, climb the highest peak in Costa is. Mind might have moved towards the possibilities of such a Dino Park ever existing, much the. Creatures zoo” ‘ Isla Nublar ’ we can see some amazing sites such the. Great excursions through the area of cocos island costa rica jurassic park del Toro will be an enriching experience Tortuga, Turtle.... To then discover she is a destination without a lot of tourists live here interview with a scientist who researching. Even more real Jurassic Park which was Coco Island rainforest as well as the flora and fauna are worthy protection. Can easily be imagined to cocos Island is pretty restricted for tourists and the cloned and! Right in the lowlands below 200m elevation and the Insider Divers met up in San Jose, the overlooked. 1400 species of dinosaur have been collected with preserved feathers La Paz waterfall which practically right!

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