So we’ve included Monopoly which was of course a game you could play at that time. Present was Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin who has lavishly and intelligently festooned a room that offers its nightly dweller a chance to soak up all things Scott, Zelda and Gatsby. Lots of energy went into making it just right. Images from the film itself. Catherine Martin: The Plaza suite straddles fact and fiction. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. In accepting the award for best costume design, Martin joked that she "has a few notes tucked into her bra". Beach pyjamas really came into their own in 1927, but Jordan wears a pair of cream silk pyjamas to dinner at the Buchanans on the first night. CM: We’ve got a whole bunch of books on Long Island and Long Island mansions. I think one of my favourites is his cancelled passport photo, which shows him and Zelda and Scottie. | Analogue Chic, Great Gatsby & Art Deco Obsession - Dewdrop Interiors. And there’s such a thing as zeitgeist. Everyone is talking about Brooks Brothers and Prada, but tell me a little bit about the work you did at The Plaza. CM: These images of our cast are all done by a fantastic photographer, an old friend called Douglas Kirkland, who shot everyone from Marilyn Monroe to that famous shot of Ann Margaret on the bike with her legs out in the Wonder Woman outfit. I kind of love that. I think he played every single sport in our version. And you’ll see there’s a digital view that we made of the Plaza in the period. We’ll have movie memorabilia set in boxes. Jordan is a self-determining person, who is a professional, who earns her own money. It kind of jockeys fact and fiction. Martin shared her best production design Oscar nomination with Australian set decorator Beverley Dunn. I think she (Carey) is incredible in it. She won both of the categories in which she was nominated - best costume design and best production design - both for her husband Baz Luhrmann's 2013 film, The Great Gatsby. DC: I believe they lived around the corner at one point at 38 West 59th Street so they could be closer to the hotel. DC: Do you think your Daisy is more endearing that Fitzgerald’s version? It was titillating to the audience I suppose but also because, in terms of photography, it was just more appealing than [wearing] a big bag. Since The Great Gatsby began filming in 2011, so many people have jumped on the band wagon of art deco and ’20s fashion. The everydayness of life is something that keeps you grounded. Deirdre Clemente: Your work on the film translated into unique partnerships. Having won four Oscars, she is the most awarded Australian in Oscar history, having overtaken 1950s costume designer Orry-Kelly. I am having a lovely interview with you, pontificating about design, and half an hour ago I was yelling at my children to put their underwear on. Jordan wears it in her hat rather irreverently. The previous record holder was costume designer Orry George Kelly, who won Oscars for An American In Paris (1951), Les Girls (1957) and Some Like It Hot (1959). As for the “fiction” part of the suite, we made a section of the room as a “hall of champions” for Tom Buchanan with all of his sporting memorabilia. Ultimately. Martin had previously won two for her work on Luhrmann's 2001 film Moulin Rouge! And then games. He also said that because the book was published in ‘25, it’s set in the summer of ’22 and it kind of foreshadows the crash. You see Daisy for the first time in a very fancy dress, but she’s just lying on the couch. You have details like appliquéd fabric rosettes and a lot of tulle to give the illusion of a strapless dress. Here's what you need to know, The US founding fathers decided people aged under 35 couldn't run for President. Featuring exclusive articles, news, interviews, videos, podcasts, essays and competitions. This is why, 'Finally in black and white': Black Summer recommendations spark calls for climate action, 'There's no shame in surviving': Grace Tame named Tasmanian Australian of the Year, With just six words, a female leader gave her male colleagues a swift lesson in gender politics, Man fights to stop American bulldog being put down after it mauled face of Tinder date, 'My own death felt preferable to anyone discovering I was gay': Retired Wallabies player Dan Palmer comes out, Rescuers searching villages covered by landslides after deadly typhoon in Vietnam. She is incredible. It’s incredibly poignant when she says to Nick Carraway about when her daughter was born, “the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” And you realise in that instance that she isn’t a fool but she’s only been bred since birth for one thing, which is to be a charming, vivacious trophy wife. Tiffany’s leant you pieces from their archives. You want to understand the depth of feeling we have for his work and also how it connects to the movie.

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