Stars: In the end, both swordsman fight on a shoreline amid crashing waves and coastal rocks, but along with there being no decisive winner, both horribly wounded fighters are left to contemplate the pointlessness of their fate. A new literature evolved, calling for a break with Confucian values, and the xia emerged as a symbol of personal freedom, defiance to Confucian tradition, and rejection of the Chinese family system. While he did do a good job showcasing his dramatic side, he's very limited to the range of emotions he can give making it bland at times. Action, Adventure. Now, he is able to defend himself well with just his left arm, and kung fu techniques. They begin a torrid love affair, complicated not only by the fact that the Wu Tang see her as an enemy, but because she is the slave assassin of a powerful set of wizardly conjoined twins who rule a tribe of fanatical religious zealots. The plot will gradually meander to a final dramatic showdown between the protagonist and his nemesis. A code of chivalry usually requires wuxia heroes to right and redress wrongs, fight for righteousness, remove oppressors, and bring retribution for past misdeeds. If we missed any wuxia movies on this list, please add them to the list yourself, as this is an open list which means you can add any movies whenever you like (choices are subject to moderation). | Gross: Featuring an all-star cast including Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Maggie Cheung and Donnie Yen, this is a fun take on one of the classics of the genre. | Shih-Chieh King, 8,007 After a botched first assignment for the group, ... See full summary », Director: $0.07M, Not Rated | Colloquially, retirement is also referred to as "leaving the jianghu" (退出江湖). As this is a John Woo film, the action gets a little gory at times, due possibly in part to the influence of Woo’s mentor and idol Chang Cheh, for whom Woo had worked as an assistant director. Raymond Lee, Maggie Cheung, 106 min Donnie Yen, | | Amid the furious action and grim storytelling, there is the interesting inclusion of more complex characterization for the film’s villain, showing that Chang was in this case not willing to take the easy road and have the antagonist be a typical one-dimensional bad guy, as was often the case in his other films. Biao Yuen, 7,633 Yang Lu 116 min Stars: She has borne him two sons and raised his eldest. Director: There are intermittent bursts of blurred action choreographed by Sammo Hung, that run through a fragmented plot that is more a meditation on the emotional scars people can inflict on each other, than the ones a sword can give them. Peter Ho-Sun Chan Director: In this sense, jianghu could be loosely interpreted as the way of life of a hermit. | Rotten (4). 1 … It is also applied to anarchic societies. Stars: This list, though, contains the best wuxia movies of all time, as voted on by fans of the films This wuxia movie list can be sorted by alphabetically, by director, by year and more, but is currently ordered from best to worst. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy $0.61M, R |, November 16, 2017 Joey Wang, Elaine Lui, R Action, Crime, Fantasy. A common aspect of jianghu is that the courts of law are dysfunctional and that all disputes and differences (within the community) can only be resolved by members of the community, through the use of mediation, negotiation or force, predicating the need for the code of xia and acts of chivalry. 105 min | Next to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers, Bride is the most romantic film on this list, and has a similar agenda in not allowing the love shared by its protagonists to flourish without a lot of frustration and pain. |, November 30, 2012 The storylines in the early films were loosely adapted from existing literature. $52.08M, Not Rated Forgot your password? | It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Action, Adventure. 汪涌豪 《中国游侠史》 上海:上海文化出版社,1994 [Wang, Yonghao (1994): "History of Chinese Knight-errantry". Action, Comedy, Drama. For instance, the protagonist is denied admission into a martial arts sect. Peter Ho, Hark Tsui Director: Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Gwei Lun-Mei, Votes: | Yen again proves one of the few martial artists equally adept with subtler emotional beats. A Touch of Zen is a 1971 Taiwanese wuxia film directed by King Hu. | Gross: Stars: [2]:2–3[10]:11, 262, Many wuxia works produced during the Ming and Qing dynasties were lost due to the governments' crackdown on and banning of such works. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Binge Guide: 5 Shows to Watch If You Love Horror. Michelle Yeoh, Wu Xia does provide good violence like Yen previous efforts, but a bigger focus on story allows Yen to showcase his dramatic side. Director: Wenzhuo Zhao, Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. | This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. That he ... See full summary », Director: Following in Lee's footsteps, Zhang Yimou made Hero, targeted for the international market in 2003, House of Flying Daggers in 2004 and Curse of the Golden Flower in 2006. Although many jianghu members were Confucian-educated, their attitudes towards the way of life in the jianghu is largely overshadowed by pragmatism. They often originate from the lower social classes of ancient Chinese society. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Which is your favourite from the list; are you a fan of the old school King Hu and Chang Cheh films, or do you prefer Tsui Hark’s stylish “New Wave” or Zhang Yimou’s visually arresting takes on the genre? | Vote for your personal favorite Wuxia films, regardless of how popular or successful they were at the box office. | Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung Ziyi Zhang, | 96 min [citation needed] The departure from mainstream literature also meant that patronage of this genre was limited to the masses and not to the literati, which led to the stifling of the development of the wuxia genre. Of these, One Armed Swordman might be the most famous, but he lent his hand to many other noteworthy projects as well, and The Invincible Fist certainly ranks high among these. If you're a fan of The 14 Amazons or Curse of the Golden Flower, make sure you give them some love. Lifeng Chen, But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Meanwhile, an evil martial arts master called Bloody Devil returns after a 20 year hiatus to take over the martial world, including in his scheme two expert fighters hired by his nephew. Yifei Liu, Qi Shu, You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. In terms of worldwide recognition and success, this was the big one. Director: Even though Tang Long wasn't as interesting to follow, he did have more as stake and seeing how he dealt with his demons is exciting to see unfold. Elements of fantasy, such as the use of magic powers and appearance of supernatural beings, are common in some wuxia stories but are not a prerequisite of the wuxia genre. | Contact Us Stars: Most popular, timeless wuxia films we all come to love are normally adopted from famous wuxia novels by top writers. Full of blistering action sequences worthy of the Shaw Brothers legacy. $6.57M, R The instructions to mastering these skills through training are found in secret manuals known as miji (秘笈).

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